As one of the most notable law firms in America to handle crisis management, Neal & Harwell is a pioneering firm that continues to thrive in this complex area of practice. Our expertise in this area is vast and some of the more publicized matters include defense of Ford in the Pinto case, which included the criminal prosecution and acquittal of the company; navigating Exxon Corporation in the aftermath of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska and in other accidents and spills to the present; managing the difficulties experienced by Bridgestone as a result of tire tread separations on the company’s tires on Ford Explorers; and representing the Tennessee Valley Authority after the ash spill from the Kingston Fossil Plant in Roane County, Tennessee in 2008. We continue to represent Pilot Flying J, one of the largest truck stop companies in the country, in regard to a federal investigation, criminal indictment of some employees, numerous civil lawsuits, and a major class action, all stemming from allegations of criminal conduct by company employees.

We advise clients of all sizes, from mid-sized companies to global organizations, government agencies and high-profile individuals. We are able to bring together strategists and legal experts who have a comprehensive understanding of how to mitigate, to the highest degree possible, damage to the client. We understand the need to protect the client not only in court, but also before Congress, before regulatory authorities, and in the ever present court of public opinion. A courtroom victory is important, but winning in the courtroom at the expense of losing in the court of public opinion is often avoidable when skilled and experienced lawyers deal with a crisis.

We have established and exemplified the ethical standards by which crisis management is conducted and have persisted in innovating approaches to remain current with the ever changing landscape of crisis management. Putting together a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, tailored to the client and the risks involved, is something we have done repeatedly over the years. A crisis must be managed with integrity and fairness, with a sensitivity to the results of every decision, and with an awareness of all of the exposures and risks, no matter how complicated, nuanced, or confounding. Ultimately, our team of attorneys do this second to none and operate by the mantra that a crisis will not preordain an outcome for the client. Instead, how the crisis is handled will determine the outcome.


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